The 2021 Blue Book Collection

Colours of Nature celebrates the beauty of the world around us in a mesmerising journey through four themes: Earth, Land, Sea and Sky. With a painterly palette of rare gemstones and sparkling diamonds, together with daringly imaginative creations by Jean Schlumberger, the new high jewellery designs transform the elemental into the extraordinary.


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As the earth sculpts layers upon layers of rock that culminate in geological masterpieces, it seems the randomness of nature is anything but accidental. These diamond-intensive designs are evidence of the artistry that starts deep within our planet’s core.




The kaleidoscope of colours that stretch across our landscapes tells a story of abundant beauty. Everything from the pops of red and purple in fruits like pomegranates and berries to the lush greens of plant life prove that art is all around us.




Visions of azure blue seas and the electric colour swatches of underwater fauna are the inspiration for this theme’s deep dive into aquatic life—elevating the hues found deep beneath the ocean’s surface in stunning high jewellery designs. 




These head-turning designs are inspired by the world above: a collage of the colours found in everything from sunsets and sunrises to winged creatures that inhabit the sky and the transformations birds make as they go from nest to new heights.

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