The Tiffany Promise

A symbol of love. An enduring design.


The superlative beauty of Tiffany’s engagement rings is the result of strict quality standards and our obsession with creating the most beautiful diamonds at every step.

Cut & Craftsmanship

Tiffany artisans pursue perfection with relentless dedication to craftsmanship, maximising the beauty in each diamond through cut. Our craftspeople work with passion and precision to unleash intense vibrancy and light. Angles, proportion and symmetry are obsessively considered, so that the stone’s brilliance changes the very energy in the room.

Every ring is expertly handcrafted, just as it has been done for over 130 years. From the moment the diamond is discovered until the design is finished, it takes nearly a year to create an engagement ring that is worthy of the Tiffany name. Because every Tiffany diamond is unique, each setting is uniquely crafted so that the final design honours the diamond.


Beyond the 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour and carat weight), our master craftspeople bring each stone to life through their expertise. We hand cut our own diamonds to ensure the most exacting proportions.

Diamond Provenance

In keeping with our commitment to responsible sourcing, we now provide provenance information for every newly sourced, individually registered diamond we set—a significant step for diamond transparency. Every Tiffany diamond, no matter how large or small, is meticulously crafted. Tiffany is proud of its 1,500 expert cutters and polishers. Their passionate work unleashes an intense beauty in every stone they touch.